Itsuko Amano Exhibition
The "humor & nonsense art" made using “cera-mixed media.”
(ceramics and mixed media) family box, series of “OYAJI/father”

2009.2/16(mon)〜28(sat) closed on Sunday
mon〜fri:12:00pm〜19:00pm Saturday:12:00pm〜16:30pm

She has said that this exhibition was made possible by "my parents."
All of her existence and works are owing to the existence of "her parents",
And there is the world made just because a nonsense world is there.
Family Box extends the view of the world done from such a thought.
She wishes to remain the form which her respects and regard to her father forever,
and expresses existence of "love" of a family with “humor & nonsense."
She hopes her feeling to her father should be just as nonsense humor.
As a title Family box, Existence of oyaji
■ As a father, “Oyaji/dad” is a parent. There is a sense of existence of parents. ■
I think that "oyaji" for me might be my father.
I consider that my keeping making "oyaji/dad and others” adhering to “oyaji/dad” more than
the necessity might chase my father’s appearance.
Do I recollect my father by making "oyaji/dad"?
When I think so, they are halves that I am pursuing my father's memories and the reality is made now.
Then I have been making "father" as my work in such an interstice.
I believe that I am conscious of the existence of parents harder than others.
One reason is maybe when I was twenty years old I have lost my father.
And another reason was living together with father only about ten years, the half of twenty years.
Since my parents were a little old compared with parents of children of my same age group,
I felt that my parents' usual senses were slightly different.
It is certain that this feeling enlarges presence of my parents
if I could say that it seems to be an elderly person in a single phrase.
Then my parents' presence may be a source of my work.
Also as my father was a white-collar worker,
it is one reason that I am often creating series of salary-man (corporate employee)
I grew up while looking at my father's back and looking at my father as a white-collar worker.
Concurrently, it was because I felt the question and the wonder of his attitude while
my father was becoming desperate about an office worker’s occupation.
Had my father harbored the question against the days which get up at the same time,
attend his office, work, and go home every day?
Didn't he feel fear for the repetition of routine? Had he felt that only time merely flows?
Because I gaze at a salary-man (white-collar worker) and such my thoughts recall together with father's shadow,
I may make salary-men. However,
I just make a shape of the salary-man as a character to have intention of a salary-man form that I make.
Then, people may be comprehensible if it has the form in which it carried out reality pursuit.
It is because that I have pursued to catch my father’s figure which recall daringly appropriate for a character.

■ "Oayaji/dad" series has just projected a father's image on the work. Family Box ■
I thought that it was not good for me to put my memories into a work and to make it a form.
Because it was regarded as becoming a self-complacent work, it was not good. Moreover,
I thought that they would become a mere self-satisfied work if they were made into a work
because my father's memories are only memories with me.
Therefore, I did not want to accept this “salary-man” series and "Oyaji/ dad" series to be a father's images.
It is my honest thought. Now again, when I try to consider the depths of my own work a little,
I admitted that this part of my work that I had denied was an important part of my own work.
About parents, I think that everybody can share common recognition.
I consider that the figure of an "oyaji/dad" is a form which expresses "parents"
and people can nurture a common ground of understanding.
By mixing my memories which I experienced with my father,
There is a world of the work which does not exist in the form anywhere.
When my memories with my parents are expressed in the view of the world of a work,
I think that a view of my world is sharable.
If a third party looks at the view of the world, their feeling would synchronize in somewhere.
And I believe that does the new world also expand in their view of the world which looked at it,
and the world will broaden infinitely.
Just because there is "parents,"
there are all. I regard all also of my existence and works as their being, just by there is existence of "parents."
Family Box is a view of the world done from such a thought.
I wished to remain the form which is respected and regard my father, who respects forever,
And may existence of parents there continue being also in whose heart eternally!
Itsuko Amano  

Biography 1980 Born in Nara

Graduate from Osaka University of Arts,Graduate school of the Creative Arts, Master’s course


Adjunct and part-time assistant of sculpture course,Fine Arts department, Osaka University of Arts



“Yoki ・yoki ・yoki/ uncanny,
container, YOKI,”
Gallery TAKABATAKE, Nara

2005 “Tsugi Tsugi world” Fukugan gallery, Osaka
  “Tsugi Tsugi world” Art space Kamisanjo, Nara
Group Exhibition 2002 “hana,” Art space Kamisanjo, Nara
2003 “cap,” Dojidai gallery, Kyoto
2004 “Phatic species,” Kanazawa Citizen’s Art Center, Ishikawa
  “Collaboration with Ikebana (floral arrangement),” Osaka Amenity Park, Osaka


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