Exhibition of Hayashi Kazune
the first movement
From one string to the universe Unexpected relation
Natural voice weaving.-Installation-

Monday(national holiday),11/23/2009 ` Saturday,11/28/2009
Weekday 12:00`19:00
Saturday & national holiday12:00`16:30
Close on Sunday

From one string to the universe Unexpected relation

I thought that everything was natural.
If I notice it, it becomes the necessity unconsciously.

With the great nature,
The invisible connection continues spreading endlessly unexpectedly.

It seems like to be a ripple.

It is likely to be visible but it is not visible.
It is a thing like understand but doesn't understand.

The hole was gaping open.

While being complicated,

With simplicity,

Unexpected relation should move me again.

This behavior to express also continues from one string to the universe.
sWhat is ga holeh of the real image and in the virtual image? t
Also unexpectedly, we tend to overlook a certain ordinary thing in our life.
And I think that we forget that it was special in fact.

There is something that seems to understand but cannot comprehend.

As if connection of person and person, @The invisible connection spreads endlessly,

While being watched by the great thing called nature,
We are very tiny and we can live as gholesh

Nature is indispensable to me and I cannot make a living without it.
It is a familiar presence.
I have been attracted by such a natural material and I have used it for my work to expression.

The house where we live and the room are also one space "hole."
Even if we thought that we entered itc. if we browse the surroundings, there will be full of gholes.h
We are only still outside as gholes.h
It is psychological "hole" which is not visible, a virtual image, a real image, and existence value are up to persons.

We do not comprehend where of gthe gaped open hole" for whether it is a boundary or not.
We do not know that is it inner side, is it the outside or is it still in inside?

We are led to such the mysterious world when we think it deeply.

Because of the unexpected relation, moreover, it moves something newc.
I will connect from one string to the universe and I would like to challenge the "hole" that nobody has still seen.
Hayashi Kazune

  1984 Born in Osaka

Kinki University, Higashi Osaka, Osaka Graduate from School of Literature,
Arts and Culture Studies Formative Arts, Dyeing and weaving course

Solo exhibition 2007

Pokka! The open holeVo@l.1
Natural voice weaving, dot art cosmo, Osaka

Pokka! The Open hole, Vo@l.2
Natural voice weaving, dot art cosmo, Osaka


(October) A hole is the wine cellar.
The wine cellar is a hole.
Natural voice weaving,
Itami Gocho\kan in Miyanomae Culture Village

Group exhibition 2003

OBP Art project "ART IN PEACE," OBP(Osaka Business Park), Osaka

Kin-dai Senshoku 5-rangers /Thread, full of colors, Jump! Show off! dot art Cosmo, Osaka

14th Exhibition of Formative Arts at School of Literature, Arts and Culture Studies in Kinki University, Osaka Municipal Museum of Art, Osaka
  Exhibition of Kinki University School of Literature, Arts and Culture Studies, (3/14-31) Cultural and Information Center, Embassy of Japan in Belgium, Bruxelles, Belgium
Kin-dai Senshoku zoku renja /Colors and full of materials, Fly! @Fascinate! dot art Cosmo, Osaka

Kin-dai Senshoku zoku renja/Colors and full of materials, Gush!@Broaden! dot art Cosmo, Osaka

Kin-dai Senshoku zoku renja/Colors and full of materials, Fascinate!@Gush! dot art Cosmo, Osaka

General invitation exhibition 2005

Winning a prize of Ikeda city
art exhibition,

the first movement Wi