Fumie Higaki Exhibition
Theme: gInvisible threadh
gInstallation-Encounter and conversation with a spiderfs webh

Monday-Friday 12F00pm`19F00pm@Saturday 12F00pm`16F30pm
gInvisible thread,h - encounter and conversation with a spiderfs web

I learned the passage of time when I encounter a spiderfs web secretly in an empty house.
I feel that the time and people are connected each other like a whirl.
Time goes by,
I found a cobweb in my mind accidentally.
Secretly and solitary vague thread sways flickeringly.
Light comes through a thin mesh and grows like lightfs line stretches out its armsc
gInvisible threadh- encounter and conversation with a spiderfs web, as a title
When I gaze at a cobweb, I realize that I face myself.
When I remove the armor of my heart and become nakedness, I contemplate myself.
Then I concentrate on myself gradually.

Even if you do not go for search into a mountain,
you will find that the invisible thread is connected among people,
tightened in a city and also stretched between times.

Energy which is always moving and is overflowed,
I would like to have drawn and kept it as a trace.
Fumie Higaki  

  1978 Born in Osaka
1999 Graduate from Nara College of Art, painting course
2001 Graduate from Osaka University of Arts, Fine arts department

2002 (Gallery AmiEOsaka)  
2003 (O gallery eyesEOsaka)  
  2005 (coco roomEOsaka)

2000 gtrue 2002h (Grand galleryEOsaka)
2002 gArt Cross Beginningh@ (pepperCs loft galleryETokyo)

    Live and work in Osaka