Shinki Kurokawa Exhibition

平 日12:00pm〜19:00pm 土曜日12:00pm〜16:30pm

"Something is there."

It is between reticence and silence.
While it is raining in the middle of the night
And the sound of the rain stops for a moment,
I know that I am itching for doing something.
And I draw between a rain drop and drops.
"Something is there." as a title
I wonder whether what I regard a thing as “visible” is real or not. Is it really such?
In fact, "what is invisible" moves something in my mind and make me to create my work.

I realize difficulty of perception and interest in recognition.
"Something is there."
It is the conversation with “visible thing and invisible thing.”
Then it is an encounter that confronts with a various original images,
It leaves the reverberations of a gaze.

Although it is not visible, it is art expression to make visible what nobody is visible.
The image produced from unconscious becomes independent.
It is active imagination which carries out self-multiplication just like organic matter.
And it is imagination which integrates with being consciousness and unconscious.
Then the imagination encounter with the various original images unexpectedly.
It is an archetypal image which comes to me one after another unconsciously.
This is in the state which progresses without the room for an intentional behavior.
I would like to also say the experience and the reverberation of the physical feeling
which the viewers perceived as art expression.
The title of this exhibition presents the occasion that audience gets to drift
in the world of active imaginative power at the exhibition.
Shinki Kurokawa  

  1972 Graduate from Osaka University of Arts, Fine Arts Department
Member of association of Sosaku-Gajin

Recipient of a prize of So-ten, a prize of the Chubu district members, and a prize of encouragement, etc.
Study under Yae Asano

Study under Toshihiko Ito

  Live and work in Gifu

invitation exhibition

1980 Japanese Contemporary Painters, Virreina Palace, Barcelona, Spain

Japanese Contemporary Painters, Harbourfront Center, Toronto, Canada
The Exhibition of the 80th anniversary of diplomatic relations between

Japan and Cuba, National Museum, Havana, Cuba
The Exhibition of Contemporary Painting, Canter gallery, Milton, Canada
Japanese Contemporary Painters, Virreina Palace, Barcelona, Spain

The exhibition at gallery of the University of Queensland, Queensland, Australia
Japanese Contemporary Paintings Exhibition, La Lonja de la Seda, Zaragoza, Spain
1985 The exhibition at Hoensbroek Castle, Limburg, Kingdom of the Netherlands

Joan Miro International Drawing Prize Competition, Miro Foundation, Barcelona, Spain
The Commemorative Exhibition of Ren Ito, Nagoya, Japan
Central Japan Art exhibition, Nagoya, Japan

Solo Exhibition 1972 Exhibition in Gifu  
  1973 Exhibition in Tokyo  
  1992 Yama gallery, Yokkaichi, Mie  
  1993 Gallery Takeuchi, Nagoya, Nagoya  
Galerie DECO, Nagoya, Nagoya

  2003 Gallery Maronie, Kyoto, Kyoto  
    Galerie DECO, Nagoya, Nagoya  
  2004 Galerie DECO, Nagoya, Nagoya  
  2005 Galerie 141, Nagoya, Nagoya  
  2007 Gallery Maronie, Kyoto, Kyoto  
  2008 Gallery Maronie, Kyoto, Kyoto  
    Gallery Laura, Nagoya, Nagoya  
  2009 Gallery Maronie, Kyoto, Kyoto  

Group Exhibition 2006 Small works’ exhibition (GALERIE 141, Nagoya)