Shioji Yuri Exhibition
"Time to come back to be alone" "Time to return to somewhere?"
I have tried to see the scenery for each moderate center of power
and power to pull against each other and draw it.

closed on sunday
8/22(sat) & 8/29(sat){12F00pm`16F30pm}

gTime to come back to be aloneh

I try to stretch myself tightly.
I feel the sense that my hands and feet will be stretched indefinitely.

The sense gradually spreads like water is poured into a glass.

Though there is nobody there, there seems to be somebody and though I am near,
someone does not seem to be there and after all is there.

In a yellow illumination,
Letfs eat meal together.

"Time to come back to be alone" and "Time to return to somewhere?"

"Time to come back to be alone"
"Time to return to somewhere?"

When I merely do nothing and spend time,
When I take a nap on comfortable afternoon,
In addition, as if when I am walking aimlessly in silence, etcc

When I return to a position called "myself", for example, it may be such a case.

A lot of time passes in a little short time terribly.
The feelings that remained in there,
It does not have a place to go and either it while swirling
Before long, it will disappear like the lie.

In the mind, I might repeat the afterimage many times that might be from old times to a few minutes ago.

I hope my work would introduce the beginning of such time.
Then we would be there as children's appearance if we trace our memory with the thread.

And we go backwards and forward between things of past and present.

Saying that gTime to come back to be aloneh

I thought with "Time to come back to be alone", and I started to stare at myself in the beginning.
I wonder gwhat kind of world am I seeing?h
While depicting my concept and feeling as my work, I noticed gTime to come back to be aloneh was not me alone at all.
When I consider myself again, I reaffirm the significance of the connection with my outside.
I think that all the people who have watched me are connected in so far.
I have never used "Time to return to be alone" in negative feelings up to now.
Time to return to be alone.

I have depicted my painting for seven years in this title.
In my five personal exhibitions, I projected feeling onto the canvas.
This time, a theme called ga homeg or "the family" surfaced because I have had the past experience.

However, it is not the first time to think about it.
It is because the position of my own mind has changed.
And my feeling has moved to "home" and "family" naturally.

Nonetheless the reason why I want to think about time called "alone", the reason will be because I forget it immediately.
While I spend days, I forget it.
If I see it as if has melted, may be the invisible "fear" that never flows with time.

I always spend time with a certain such "fear" in my mind.
It is in time with the thing which is not conveyed by words precisely as form, and it is time to look for form in the future.

It is not only for me.
I would like to watch the form with the people who value time to be alone and the person who see my work.

Shioji Yuri  

  1979 Born in Osaka

2002 Graduate from Osaka University of Arts, Fine Arts Department

  Work and live in Osaka

2002 gTime to back to be aloneh Dot Art Cosmo, Osaka
2003 gTime to back to be aloneh Dot Art Cosmo, Osaka

2004 gTime to back to be aloneh Gallery Suzuki, Kyoto

2007 gTime to back to be aloneh  

2008 gTime to back to be aloneh Dot Art Cosmo, Osaka

Art Fair 2007 KIAF/ Korean International Art Fair 2007, Seoul, Korea