Exhibition of Chie Tsuda
This exhibition is held only three days at the former rice wine cellar. (Itami Gocho-kan in Miyanomae Culture Village)
Toward "Appare, Yoppare Vol.2 SculptureEPainting EPoetry
2007 8.24(fri)/25(sat)/26(sun) HoursF10:00-18:00iLast admission at 17:30)

[Exhibition Site] 2|5|28@Miyanomae Itami City, Hyogo 664-0895 Itami Gocho-kan in Miyanomae Culture VillageEItami City Museum of ArtEThe museum of Art and Crafts, ITAMI
[For information, please contact with:n Dot art cosmos Tel. 090-3487-2601
Itami Gocho-kan in Miyanomae Culture Village Tel.072-772-5959
[Accessn Nine minutes' walk from Itami Hankyu Railway Station or Itami JR Station. Short walk from Itami Honmachi Icchoume Hankyu Bus stop and Kakimori-bunnko-mae on Itami City Bus routes. [cooperationn Dot art cosmos Itami Gocho-kan in Miyanomae Culture Village
Appare, Yoppare (wonderful Splendid) gAppareh in the morning gYoppareh in the evening You had better to forget what happen during day time. You may keep peace in your mind.
A Summary of@ "Appare, Yoppare "(wonderful Splendid)

It does not matter whether you are alone, you are couple, or you are in a group. You would be better to enjoy what there is and nothing is there. I get drunkc I am happy with myselfc I am contended with my locationc I am satisfied by the atmospherec Although I get seasick and I feel like throwing up, I prefer to be drunk. Finally, in my terms, gAppareh might be gYoppare.h Both words mean gwell done,h gsplendid,h and gwonderful .h So, I hope I could be intoxicated with something. Freedom of the will

Toward "Appare, Yoppare Vol.2

gI am satisfied with drifting as I am. I would like to live my life as if I swim in uncertain world.h However, we would not bear unstable freedom then people could be materialistic when they are terrified by idle life and retrogression. Our empty minds are dancing with making noise in the swirling common illusions that are progress and development. While I am intoxicating with paralyzing with parched desires, What I should do in this world. Art without impression is only vanity. Even if you ask its shape regardless of its true nature, it just you make a spherical object to a cube or a pyramid. Philosophy of life seems like a fixed menu. Although all being and absence of being are a mere requisite for the existence of earth, (We might be bolts or nuts or washers for our societyc) our expression and our thought are just an arrow on a guidepost for the future that our existence and absence face to. (Our existence would be deleted with pounding the keys.) Our ideas found expression in art that reflect human being in the mirror. (Art should not be complicated.) However, the image that is reflection in the mirror as art work should not be factitious without any decoration. Even if it is a good-for-nothing, I wish it would be fruitful nature as a natural shape. For human being can be in close commune with nature as long as possible, I would rather do my best for the future. As if I am going to carve a piece of wood, I wonft stop until the end. For all being will roar gAppare!h in someday.

Chie Tsuda

1977 Born in Kyoto, Japan
2000 Graduated from Osaka University of Arts, Fine Art
2001 Completed Post graduate program of Osaka university of Arts
Lives and works in Kyoto

Solo Exhibition 2005 gAppare,h Dot art cosmos, Osaka
2006 gAppare, Yoppare,h Dot art cosmos, Osaka
2007 gAppare, Yoppare,h The Ex-residence of the Okada Family, Itami Gocho-kan in Miyanomae Culture Village, Hyogo (Important cultural property designated in 1992 by Japanese government)

Group Exhibition 2000 Selected for 7th Wood Carving in Fork Art in Oya, Hyogo
2001 gSmall Works,h Gallery Doushian, Gifu
2002 Sculpture Exhibition 2002 in Gujyo The Museum of Fine Arts, Gifu, Gifu
2004 Selected for 11th Wood Carving in Fork Art in Oya, Hyogo
2005 gBeyond the Border/from the Cat to the Tigerh Chayamachi Gallery, Osaka
Selected for Art Gallery Joyo, Kyoto
2006 Sculpture Exhibition 2006 in Gujyo, The Museum of Fine Arts, Gifu, Gifu
2007 gArt Court Frontier 2007, Vol.5h Artcourt Gallery, Osaka